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Thank you for visiting this website and wanting to know more about Astrology, Medicine Wheel Astrology, Sun Bear and Wabun Wind.  Also, how we’re ALL connected through Nature and ALL OUR RELATIONS that we share this planet with. There IS only ONENESS in truth.

Due to some health issues, I’m no longer able to continue to keep this website up and current. The MWA Greeting Cards will continue to be available.  They are still my “babies” and part of my soul, thank you Sun Bear for your beautiful visions!

Sun Bear

We feel strongly that this site is dedicated to Sun Bear, Wabun Wind & the teachings of the Bear Tribe. It doesn’t seem right to make it available to the open market, we honor the information and would like to keep it in the “family/tribe” if at all possible! That being said, if you or someone you know, is interested in continuing with this information, please feel free to contact me (Star Savoy Alexander) with any questions you might have. starsavoy@gmail.com

Thank you ALL for your love and support over the years. I started this in 1998 and have loved this magical journey.

Blessing and love. Star Savoy Alexander.

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Marlise Wabun Wind Marlise Wabun Wind: https://www.marlisewabunwind.com

“In The Medicine Wheel, Sun Bear and Wabun put forth a whole new system of earth astrology which has helped guide millions of people all over the world not only in their daily living but also in understanding their life path. In the authors’ own words, this book was written to “help all people relate better to our Earth Mother…and find a kinship with the universe.” The Medicine Wheel is a beautiful and inspiring approach to graceful, holistic living in trying modern times. The medicine wheel philosophy is derived from a basic principle known by all people who live close to the earth:  once you fully embrace the elemental forces of nature, you become a part of the whole. Let this book, now in print for over thirty-eight years and available in thirteen languages, be your first step toward finding peace and prosperity — and your own special place in the circle of life.”

“The Medicine Wheel is a springboard of power that will allow you to link up to all the energies of the universe.” —Sun Bear


Jennifer Patton

Jennifer  Patten: http://www.bigmedicineteachings.com

Journey with the Medicine Wheel

In 2009, I retired from my career as a teacher, reading and learning specialist. I am grateful now to have the opportunity to incorporate my true passion for teaching and life coaching. My role as a Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and Medicine Wheel Consultant allows me to share the wisdom of my teachers and ancestors to assist others in their journey of transformation. I have partnered with Suchi Waters Benjamin, founder of the Center for Co-Creative Living, to facilitate “DreamSeeding™ with the Medicine Wheel” gatherings. These co-creative learning experiences offer tools for individuals and groups to foster creativity, cultivate dreamseeds, and ground one’s potential and purpose in alignment with the Sacred Circle of Life.



Wind DaughterWind Daughter Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe:


Wind Daughter  serves as Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society, following in the steps of the late Sun Bear and Wabun Wind. She has been the Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society since 1996. It was founded by the late Sun Bear, of Ojibway descent. Then in late 2006, after receiving guidance through prayer, reflection, and consultation, Wind Daughter gave name to her own vision, the Panther Lodge Medicine Society along with the Black Lodge.  Continuing today, Wind Daughter carries the Medicine Bundle and these Teachings forward into a new era as she has joined the two together as the Medicine Chief of the Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society.


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