April 20 – May 20

TaurusTraditional symbol is the Bull and is strong, focused on goals and sometimes stubborn. They have the gift of determination and usually get what they set out after. It is really about how they use their power and how others perceive it. Family is extremely important, they teach by example of integrity and values.

Challenge: Overcoming stubbornness and a tendency to accumulate too many comforts. Appearances may be deceiving.

Gift: Determination, teaching integrity, fortitude and the value of decency, by being a living example. Excellent at details!


“I Have” … the ability to provide whatever is needed.

TaurusEarth sign/Turtle: they are practical and work to achieve your goals. Family represents your true wealth; they are a loyal friend for life. Home is most important, usually filled with treasures that represent wealth. Material goods are important but they have a good eye for bargains and collectibles. Working with interior design and colors are important to their peace of mind and surroundings. Socializing keeps them grounded.

Animal Guide: Beaver – is the manifestor, whatever is needed, they are tireless until they get the job done. Beaver thinks ahead, providing the family with a comfortable home and supplies. Team work is very important to their success. They make formidable opponents when threatened, with their strong teeth and powerful tail used to protect and defend their family and what is theirs.

Body parts: lower jaw, neck and throat. Taurus usually has a designated role to be the social organizer and communication is essential. They must “voice” their views and opinions and feel discomfort when this is not satisfied. Singing and humming help keep these channels open. They expect others “to say what you mean and mean what you say” … and do the same – diplomatically if possible!

Their Plant is Blue Camas. Natives used the bulbs as a food and natural sweetener said to controls blood sugar. 

Power colors: Blue, all shades, especially royal blue – activates high self esteem and opens the throat chakra for speaking. The bedroom may be like the “Beavers Dam”, safe, secure and inspiring. Teal – this warm color is for relaxing and deep communication, humility and respect. Burn candles of this color when counting your many blessings!

Power stones: Sapphire – (blue) activates pituitary gland to balance the system.  It also inspires peaceful contentment and inner strength. Chrysocola – (green) aids the digestive process and assists in all communications, attracts wealth. Beautiful green color invokes new growth and friends. Kyanite is excellent for all chakras, especially the throat.

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