October 23 – November 21

ScorpioTraditional symbol, the Scorpion, it reacts with a “stings” when cornered. Generally, they prefer dark quiet places and being left alone. The symbol M with the tail going out represents their boldness and strength. Evolved Scorpio is the eagle, representing freedom… free from fear and doubt, free to be the true self. Challenge: being too secretive and not allowing others in.

Motto:  “I Create” through my passion for life!

ScorpioWater Sign: fountains and natural waters; lakes, rivers, the ocean and hot mineral baths are essential for your sign. Emotions run deep, and there are always opportunities to “clear” emotional muddiness and be free from the heaviness of despair. Scorpios are masters of “cloaking” – secretive by nature.

Animal Guide: Snake – one of the most misunderstood creatures, yet one of the most important. They balance the environment and bring the gift of patience, tolerance and instinct into our awareness. They are slow to anger and react when disrespected. Scorpio people generally “test” others for a reaction, but do not seek it out. They can become immune to the “poison” of others (negative thoughts or actions) by experience and observation, “shedding” what no longer serves. This is the transmutation phase; the “poison” has no power over an empowered being!

Body part: sexual organs, pelvis and rectum (root chakra energy) – all have to do with passion, desire and the life force.  Life and death walk with Scorpio, always and all ways, bridging our spiritual with our physical self. Releasing fear is the challenge and the incredible gift… Scorpio is here to show us how.

Power colors: Red – lighter shades for motivation and physical energy. Darker shades (burgundies) for more passionate projects, assists with focus and determination. Black – appeals when you want to be “invisible” and behind the scenes observing and/or absorbing human experiences.

Power stones: Malachite – ancient memories may be revealed by stirring up the hidden secrets, revealing truth and healing. Citrine –the golden light of the Sun, recharging body, mind and spirit. This can be excellent for mellowing intense “red” energies of anger or frustration.

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