November 23 – December 21

SagittariusTraditional symbol, the mythical arrow directed to Universal wisdom and knowledge, piercing through illusion, bringing back visions to share with others. Challenge: To bring the “visions” back into the 3-dimensional world, and follow through with ideas.

Motto:  “I Perceive” infinite optimistic possibilities, there’s always a solution!

SagittariusFire Sign: You radiate inner enthusiasm and love to be involved in new projects. Fire represents transformation… all areas of belief systems, who you “think” you are and what the Divine plan is for you. For many, this will inspire new visions, as the “fire” burns away anything that no longer serves and doors open to new opportunities for growth and happiness. “Burning out” may be the challenge, but rising up from the ashes, like the Phoenix, is the gift of a new vision.

Animal Guide: Elk – is very social and loves “hanging out” with their same gender (except during mating season). They have great strength and stamina and are very protective of family and friends. They have a bold and regal “air” about them and attract those that are also determined to reach the mountain top. For many, they are like “magnets” attracting information and new friends to share this with, always optimistic.

Body part: hips and thighs – symbolically the Centaur was also associated with Sagittarius, half horse, half human and strength was needed in the hips and thighs to reach great heights. Walking, workouts at the gym and physical exercise, increases the stamina level and releases stored up toxins or body fat.  So much more is accomplished when it is fun and social, getting friends together or joining a club.

Power colors: Black – is all colors combined, excellent for “absorbing” knowledge and information. Enhances personal power… the light cannot shine without the darkness behind it. Deep blue – is for introspection, communication with intuitive powers, peace of mind and calm clarity.

Power stones: Golden topaz – excellent for attracting abundance, creativity and inspiration. It is the golden light of protection and strength. Obsidian – assists in remembering dreams, absorbing experiences and detached observations. When using this stone it is vital to keep it “cleared “, for it stores all it takes in and may “dump” it all back out.

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