February 19 – March 20

TPiscesraditional symbol is the two fish, joining together opposition into one reality. Compassion and sensitivity are the goal. Many feel they are being “pulled” into opposite directions and must find ways to balance. There are subtle energies at work, and you may have psychic connection”.

Challenge: the more resistance, the more difficult the teaching. Accept that you have gifts that are unique toPisces (dreams, visions, psychic ability and “feeling knowing”) and use them!

Gift: resolution of duality.

Motto: “I Believe” in my own power and inner knowing.

PiscesWater sign: fountains and natural waters; lakes, rivers, the ocean and hot mineral baths are essential for your sign. There is a tendency to “absorb” other people’s “stuff” and these provide excellent ways of release. Emotions run deep, and there are always opportunities to “clear” emotional muddiness and be free from the heaviness. Many are spotlighted as teachers, healers, artist and speakers… allow the flow.


Animal Guide: Cougar – is careful not to intrude into another’s space. They are patient and rarely act spontaneously. Leaders but have difficulty trusting and will often repress emotions, keeping silent. The female is usually the aggressor and the males need coaxing and reassurance. Have keen senses, excellent hunters and take only what they need. When aware, they are ready to “pounce” at the opportunities, the feast awaits.


Body parts: feet, toes and the lymphatic system must keep active and moving. Make sure you are wearing proper shoes for your sensitive feet. Service to others brings great satisfaction, but don’t forget to replenish your own energy. Health issues have excellent potential for self-healing, be open to new technology, naturopathic solutions and a healthier lifestyle. Exercise can be fun with a little creativity.


Power colors: deep royal blue, aqua, and sea green all balance communication and motivation, inspiring creativity. Art in all forms is highlighted for Pisces, decorate your personal space with ocean themes or all these colors and activate your “feeling knowing”.


Violet is for wisdom, soothing the mind and spirit, sharing information and teaching. It invokes forgiveness for all past actions and compassion for self and others, through understanding.


Power stones: aquamarine assists in releasing fear, for mental calm and creativity are its’ gifts. It soothes the restless spirit with tranquility. Turquoise is another magical stone for protection, self confidence and the ability to communicate “visions” and dreams.

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