MWA Coloringset

Medicine Wheel coloring set

This was my first project with the information from “The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology” by Sun Bear & Wabun. I wanted a simple learning tool that would teach the Medicine Wheel Astrology integrated with what I knew of Western Astrology. I was fascinated by the wisdom of this native American point of view and how each applied to the Sun sign astrologically.

My love for Sun Bear and Wabun grew as I studied more … how did they know? For example in Western Astrology Pisces has it’s vulnerable areas as the feet and lymphoid system. In MWA Pisces have Plantain as their Medicine Plant and used for it for sore feet. They would open it like a banana peel and apply to their feet. There are many such examples throughout the book and I continue to learn new things all the time.

Please enjoy this presentation, we offer this from the heart and appreciate your assistance in furthering the work of this amazing information. Thank you to ALL OUR RELATIONS ~ Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

only $9.95 and get the download NOW! 

*Attention teachers and group facilitators: If you’re making multiple copies, please use the honor system and donate to the work. Thank you! Blessings and hope you enjoy the journey….

“We appreciate your support for this ongoing project of Medicine Wheel Astrology and this website. May we continue to teach our children about the sacred ways. So Be It! AHO!” Star Savoy


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