Medicine Wheel Greeting Cards

“These cards and the website are both a beautiful and educational introduction to the The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology. For those of you who miss the Medicine Wheel Calendar, here is a great substitute. I enjoyed working with Star on this project and look forward to some exciting plans we have for the future.”*  Marlise Wabun Wind  


Knowledge … it has been said, is power, however, we feel it must also be integrated with wisdom in order to use it correctly. The teachings of Sun Bear, Wabun and the Ancient Ones are here for us to experience; life from a Higher perspective, if and when we are open and ready! Our intention is to travel through the Astrological Medicine Wheel and get to know each of the 12 signs more intimately. When we can take time, slow down and see through a lens of compassion, empathy, forgiveness and love, there can only be a knowing … WE ARE ONE. Aho! To ALL OUR RELATIONS!

We sincerely hope you enjoy this “Journey Through Medicine Wheel Astrology”, it’s so fun to observe the “characters” on the wheel and witness amazing NATURE all around us and the life we share it with!

Medicine Wheel Greeting Cards are 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ and have birthday information inside about each of the individual cards. The information is from “The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology” by Sun Bear and Wabun Wind and from years of my studies with Western Astrology teachings integrated into the meaning of each.*

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Medicine Wheel Astrology Reference Guide

12 signs of the MWA zodiac

Join Star Savoy on a magical journey of exploration into the symbolic world of “Personal Myth” and how it relates to You, your Family, and Friends. This unique perspective is based on Star’s own intuitive study, and the work of *Sun Bear and Wabun’s Book “The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology”. It integrates Native American wisdom with modern-day Astrological interpretations. This Guide provides a quick reference to the personalities of each sign and their Animal Guides, Clan, Moon, Spirit Keeper, Power Direction, Medicine Plant and Power Stones. Enjoy the Journey with Nature!

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Attention teachers and group facilitators: If you’re making multiple copies, please use the honor system and donate to the work. Thank you! Blessings and hope you enjoy the journey. Star Savoy (donation will be shown as Magic by Star)

If you want a Laminated version, we have it printed for you… 8×10 on heavy-coated card stock.  $9.95 sent priority USA. (*check price for s/h Internationally).

Medicine Wheel Astrology Coloring Set

BTW: Checkout the The MWA Coloring Set and learn about traditional Astrology along with the Medicine Wheel. It’s EZ and fascinating! Click on the Wheel to visit. Thank you and enjoy the journey!

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