September 24 – October 22

LibraTraditional sign, the scales, night and day and the balance of duality.  This symbol represents the setting Sun, greeting the evening sky on the horizon… a moment in time that signifies the perfect balance of opposites. They are peace makers and believe in justice for all.

Challenge: hasty judgments… things are not always as they appear.   

Motto: “I Balance” offering support as needed

Animal Guide: Raven – usually seen in groups, socializing and networking, when you hear their “caw” you know it’s time for a meeting. Raven as always been associated with magic … sending healing energy to those in need. They are also fearless, running off larger birds that are in their “territory”, they won’t tolerate bullies.

LibraAir Sign: You are a natural net-worker and team player, mentally preparing everything in advance. Potential leaders, speakers and involved in communications of all sorts. Trusted friends are excellent mirrors and will prove loyalties and integrity beyond a doubt. Talking things out helps put things into a proper perspective, you can then make a balanced decision that works for you! Libra is a lover of music, poetry and all things beautiful!        

Body part: kidneys, lower back and pelvis. If these areas are affected it is important to track the emotional relationship. Silence, not wanting to make “waves” and upset anything or anyone is part of this pattern and can cause internal and external pain. Water flushes “toxic” emotions of judgment and need for approval, clearing the kidneys. The lower back – represents feeling responsible for how others act and carrying a heavy load. Walking, strolls in nature and breath exercises balance the entire system.  

Power colors: Brown – brings you back to Earth and helps finish projects that require focus and determination. Blue – (Sky & Midnight) is for deep emotional strength and peace of mind. It assists in getting restful sleep.

Power stones: Jasper/Bloodstone – excellent for grounding nervous energy, increases self confidence.  Opal – represents brilliant reflection of inner beauty and strength. It assists with intuition and discernment. Opal invokes justice and balance.

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