July 23 – August 22

LeoTraditional symbol is the Lion – they are proud, often “regal” looking and love the finer things in life. Many prefer “roaring” about their dramas and desires. Keep people around you who call it like it is, the truth will set you free. Challenge: Ego and arrogance, getting too puffed up with self importance and living within your means.  

Motto: “I Shine” and am ready for the spotlight, the show must go on!

LeoFire Sign: You radiate inner enthusiasm and love to be involved in new creative projects. The “fire in the belly” motivates and burns away the negative, sabotaging energies that keep many from self-realization and fulfillment. The Law of Attraction is very powerful for you, be careful what you ask for! Instant karma is at work. Gift: humility, sacredness and honor. Sharing from your heart is the path of evolvement.

Animal Guide: Sturgeon (“king” of the fishes) – is the wisdom of the ancients, raising intuition and perception. They are deeply respected for their “royal” manners and fearless nature. It rules wherever it lives and has a tough armor for protection.

Body part: heart, upper back and spinal cord. Leo has such a big heart and they reach out to help others when they can.  Releasing the need to carry another’s burden and “fix” everything is the opportunity. Health and nutrition play a major role, allowing others to guide you could be extremely beneficial. Enjoy chakra meditations; the seven colors of the rainbow activated in your spinal cord… light it up Leo!

Power colors: Gold is associated with the Sun and gives strength, energy and radiance. Royal blue – suggests a quieter tone, mental tranquility and calmness. There is a subtle strength in this color, one of achievement without the need to convince anyone.  Scarletcommands respect and reflects the radiant heart chakra color of pink. By adding in purple/blue for spiritual truth and enthusiasm, it becomes very powerful.

Power stones: Garnet – the deep red color strengthens the blood and energizes with high self-esteem and confidence. This stone ensured deep and lasting friendships and passionate discussions. Financial help and grounding energy are associated with this stone. Golden garnet stimulates the “fire” within for creativity and self confidence. Peridot (light green) works with opening the heart to healing and growth, aligning the subtle energies of the body in harmony and with clarity.

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