May 21 – June 20

Traditional symbol is the TwinsChallenge: duality, polarity and resolution of opposites. The Gift: resolution of duality, centering of the “self” rather than being “self centered”. You are totally mental and like it that way! You are witty and clever, love to entertain and don’t really want to get too serious or deep. Living life in the fast lane is more your style and learning about other cultures is exciting for most. Short trips are usually preferred over long travels.

Motto: “I Think” about all the possibilities that are here!

DeerAir sign: You are a natural communicator and social “butterfly”.  Networking is part of your nature and many find working while traveling is the most efficient way to do what they love … to mingle. Journaling helps you remember all those wonderful ideas and making lists assists you in accomplishing them. Too many ideas slip away unless you write them down.

Body parts: lungs, arms, hands and shoulders are the areas most sensitive. Finding ways to relieve stress and nervous disorders are a must, and then apply it to everyday living is the healing. Getting out in nature, soaking in the light, breathing in the air, all nourish and replenish. Positive thinking and mental pursuits activate a healthy outlook. The Laws of Attraction (LOA) are especially powerful for you.

Power colors: White/green – this combination connects mental to physical… spiritual to earth. Candles assist to focus intentions, these colors when burned on a New Moon, set that intention into motion. Rainbow – all colors, powerful for group work, networking and connecting all people together. Experience a “rainbow bath” (swirling crystal Sun catchers) for this can recharge ALL areas and energize creativity.

Power stones: Moss agate – has been around a long time and was used to “ground” excessive energy, offering the gift of discernment. Pearl – with its’ shining luster, symbolically, it is often through “irritation” that the beauty of spirit emerges. Alexandrite – is a powerful ally stone that changes colors with the light, much like Gemini with people!

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