December 22 – January 19

CapricornTraditional symbol representing a mountain goat with dolphin tail, determined to achieve the “highest” goals. It climbed out of the river Nile and preceded the journey to the mountain top. They are fearless and very protective of family and friends. Challenge:learning to allow others to help, delegating tasks.

Motto: “I Utilize” all available resources and know how to take care of business!

CapricornEarth sign: you are practical and work to achieve your goals. Family represents your true wealth; you are a loyal friend for life. They are often referred to as the “workaholic” of the Zodiac, and learning to delegate jobs to others is the biggest challenge.

Animal Guide: Snow Goose – annually returning to the same nesting grounds, they get confused by change and disruption of routine. They mate for life and teach their young by example and leadership. Team work is essential, as they travel in a “V” formation, taking turns as the leader of the group. Generally they let troubles just “roll” off their back and keep cool under pressure.

Body parts: bones, teeth, joints and knees. Teeth are a big issue for many. Regular visits to the dentist may improve other aspects of health as well. Diet also helps, especially with aches in joints and bones. A good nutritionist can check on calcium intake and recommend balanced foods and supplements for your specific needs. Rigidness in thinking or attitude (emotional issues) may cause arthritis in some. Time to clear up those old programs and learn to be more flexible, that’s the challenge!   

Power colors: Beige for “grounding excessive energy and having a lightness of being!  White is for achievement, success & clarity. Capricorns love tradition and white can represent the “purity” that they admire in others. Burgundy is for friendship and warmth in all close relationships.

Power stones: Quartz crystal – to amplify and keep goals in clear view. This stone reflects back what we need to see and offers crystal clear answers when open to receive. Carnelian is for tolerance and social grace; it helps with anger, “road rage” and in remaining calm in stressful times. Keeping stones “cleared” helps intentions on stay on track. Set your stones out on the Full Moon for best results or clean in sea salt.

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