June 21 – July 22

CancerTraditional symbol is the Crab… a strong defender of home and territory.  When they use their powerful claws to hold on to something, it is often difficult for them to let go, unless they want to. The Crab outgrows its’ shell many times and must emerge out of the old one, for its’ new suit of protection to grow. They are the nurturers, holding the frequencies of Love. Challenge: Intimacy (into-me-see) allowing love in and allowing others “to carry their own cross” or burden.

Motto: “I Feel” what needs to be done.

CancerWater sign: fountains and natural waters, such as lakes, rivers, the ocean and hot mineral baths are essential for your sign. There is a tendency to “absorb” others’ “stuff” and this is an excellent way of release. Emotions run deep and issues that may challenge: facing situations directly and “head on”, rather than side stepping back and forth. Acknowledging vulnerabilities (tender meat inside with hard outer shell) opens communication with others & allows the flow of giving and receiving love energy.

Animal Guide: Flicker (wood pecker) – inspires others to keep “pecking away” until the desired results are completed. They are gray with golden-orange hues under their wings, with little heart shaped designs on their feathers, reminding us of the universal heartbeat we all share. Flicker represents unconditional love, the protector… by sounding the “alarm” when danger is present with “feeling knowing”.

Body parts: womb, stomach and breasts. Teachings of “healthy” boundaries and other peoples “baggage” is one of the lessons here. Symbolically this represents things you just can’t “stomach”, carrying others burdens or “weaning” those that cling. Gift:freedom from feeling responsible for anyone other than yourself first. When you carry the “cross” for someone else, you get the muscles… they don’t get the lesson and they must then repeat it until they do get it! Unconditional Love is your gift.

Power colors: Silver invokes Moon energy, increasing intuition and “feeling knowing”.  Pink (mauves) nurtures the heart and gently heals emotions. 

Power stone: Star rose quartz heart shaped assists in forgiveness and joy. Ruby – is for courage and strength, balancing survival fears with personal power.


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