January 20 – February 18

AquariusTraditional symbol is the “water bearer” pouring forth original and creative ideas. “Electrical” energies flow through Aquarians, enhancing their gift of intuition. Spirituality rather than religion is the main focus, science and physics may offer Universal wisdom for many. Aquarius generally understands through logic and simplicity and they expect to witness the “miracles” that are unexplainable! Challenge: too much chatter, dispelling the energy.  

Motto: “I Know” what needs to be done.

AquariusAir sign: You are a natural communicator and social “butterfly”. Special events and networking assist in meetings that will increase the chances for success. Budgeting helps you see where you want to go financially and just how much you’ve accomplished. Travel and other cultures hold a fascination and intrigue. The internet can open up your imagination so that “visualization” techniques help to create what you want. It has been said so often: “If you can see it … you can achieve it!”

Animal Guide: Otter – playful and curious by nature, social and love of “family”. Balance of feminine energy, they are free from jealousy, with no need to control. They don’t like to see others fighting and are non aggressive, unless their “family” is threatened.  

Body parts: circulatory system and ankles. Drink lots of water to keep your system “flushed” and elevate your feet after long days of shopping and running around. Massages are excellent for clearing out the toxins. Make the spa a regular routine… yoga is also very helpful in calming your (electrical) nervous system. Perhaps swimming with the Dolphins or a pilgrimage walking a labyrinth, can reveal deeper truths about your life’s purpose.

Power colors: Silver – represents listening to your intuition. It is also for balance and reflection of emotions. Don’t be surprised if you are more “psychic” than usual, silver enhances the ability to receive through “feeling knowing”. Iridescent blue/violet – integrates physical and spiritual energies, increases universal ideals. It also assists in processing information and formulating intuition.

Power stones: amethyst assists in mental clarity and aligning with your highest potential. This stone is said to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Blue star sapphire – expands circle of friends, relating to extended family. It is peaceful and calming.

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