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professional StarLady Star Alexander & her husband Star Alexander (Magician) lived and worked for more than 15 years in Las Vegas, NV. Among her many accomplishments, Lady Star participated as a published monthly astrologer/writer/columnist for “In-Light Times Magazine” publication for two years. Known as “The Las Vegas Opti-Mystic“, and a highly featured reader, speaker, and mystic/psychic at many events; executive private parties, fairs, conventions and Grand Galas! Lady Star also worked at a wonderful little shop; “Angels Insight” as a reader/counselor and she and her husband are co-founders of QuantumAngel.net which was born from the connection with amazing and wonderful people in LV that continues to this day. “At a very early age, I felt a strong connection to Mother Earth and Native American memorabilia. I was a warrioress from the beginning (Moon in Aries-Red Hawk) ~ lived on the streets at 13 and grew away from the sacred … into survival mode. This (I realize now) was a part of my teachings; trusting instincts, listening and the ability to “read” people, especially when I knew what their birth date was!” During the course of my lifetime, I have studied many of the world’s major religions and belief systems … I am still a student and keep learning new things all the time! Also, researching my bloodline I found out about some of my Cherokee Heritage and the sparks flew! I started to remember and was guided to materials written by Lynn V. Andrews, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Mary Summer Rain and of course, all the Sun Bear & Wabun Wind books!! Then there was the desire to learn about Astrology in depth, which led to Numerology, Tarot interpretation and more. So here we are, combining a little bit of astrology with Medicine Wheel Astrology, hopefully to enhance each to a better understanding of human nature! BTW: This knowledge started the “sacred journey” for me, it was before we were “STAR” in knowing and we were in our courtship days. I was “hungry” to know more about the Medicine ways, then we met Julie Power Bear, Medicine woman, who lived in Simi Valley, Ca. She was preparing women to go for a vision quest in the Santa Barbara Mountains and was holding a sweat lodge at her place. I was ready to remember what I had forgotten … ready for a new life! There’s so much that’s happened since this time, the meaning of “vision quest” continues for many different teachings along the way. Some where, there’s a book in here, we’ll see! STAR My wonderful, supportive, Beloved Twin Flame “Star” continues to help me share what we’ve learned on this awesome journey. We were married in January 1986 and keep experiencing the MAGIC of this beautiful planet. Over the years, I have written several e-books, one called “Journey Through the Zodiac”.  Astrology can be overwhelming to learn for many folks, so this e-book takes a simple view of astrology (for the beginner), hopefully easy to understand the basics! e-book Journey through the Planets ~ A guideline to the energies at work according to myth and Zodiac signs. Journey through the Houses ~ getting to know the natal chart with an interpretation of each house meaning. Journey through the Zodiac ~ the symbolic signs of each birthday and their meaning. Aspects in the chart ~ oppositions, conjunctions and other aspects and how they relate to lessons required for evolvement. Special Offer – Download PDF $9.99

NEED YOUR BIRTH CHART OR A READING? *If you are interested in a reading, you can email me to set up a time so we can discuss what you want. The basic astrology lessons in the e-book assist in understanding the natal birth “chart”. Once that is achieved, we can then add the Medicine Wheel Astrology teachings to integrate a deeper meaning of one’s path. Thank you for your interest and support, especially if you are new to this journey… Love & Blessings. Lady Star Savoy (starsavoy@gmail.com)


What clients are saying:

So I woke up this morning with the “directive” to listen to my tape from April 30th, 2008 of the wonderful gift you gave me of us BEing with Lady Star… I re-lived it all … like we were all in the room together again. It would seem in retrospect that my care for Mom sidelined me for a decade! (with recovery for me included).

One thing that popped multiple times on the tape was Lady Star indicating that “writing” for me is important. At the end of the session, you were in on the analysis and things seemed to circle back to helping the youth. Well, I happened to be about half way through writing my new book.

The “what’s holding me back” aspect came through on the tape loud and clear! The past three years in particular have been weird and confusing, but I do believe I’m emerging again finally. Listening to the tape has been amazing…” D.L. Gunnison, Colo.


“Enjoyed meeting you and the encouragement of your reading. Thank you for what you do. I enjoyed the multi level reading as it breaks it all down. Some of us are anal about the solar system and don’t want to spend the time researching it more.:-)  You provide a great service. Blessed be in your career choice and your good heart and loving personality. I see Gold stars surrounding your body and swirling around your head so you sit well with the Powers that are” Love Jan “How cool!  My 18 year old Godson and I listened to his reading on the way to Denver, and again on the way back. When I thought he needed some explanation, I gave it to him, but he really concentrated on it. “Boy she sure hits the nail on the head!” he exclaimed. Thanks SO much – he really loved it. And, yes, he feels empowered, which was the goal. Yay!!  BL Gunnison, CO


“Some of the things told to me in my reading are amazing. You mentioned the shift of energy that took place the day prior to our reading having to do with the house, was extremely accurate.  I am heeding your warning about setting my self up for disappointment by  having my expectations set too high.  Wise words.”  Eileen P  Las Vegas, NV


“Hello Star: Thank you very much for my last reading and sending me it on CD.  I got soooooo much out of it.  I have a friend who would like a reading from you. In Joy.”   J.P.   Gunnison CO


“THIS IS PERFECT:::  AND A GREAT and simple reading. Article is easy to understand.  Thanks Star… I love this and the PLUTO thing also. I sense such changes coming and this makes it seem very simple.” Carol.  Seattle, WA

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