Medicine Wheel Astrology as interpreted by Star Savoy.  She takes one on a magical journey where they can align with the “power” of their personal birthday! Through Native American teachings and modern astrology we gain a deeper and more sacred understanding of HOW the signs and symbols relate, empower and assist us on this Earth path. Each birthday has it’s own path and place on the sacred wheel … a path that can set us free when we can receive the gifts offered and shared!

It usually starts with a desire to want to understand yourself better or loved ones, family and friends. WHAT makes them who and how they are. Sun sign Astrology is one modality that a lot of people follow but is often vague and general. This why we recommend a Natal Birth Chart to get a deeper look into all the energies going on, not just the Sun sign. Medicine Wheel Astrology shows all those personality traits that are unique to that birth sign! 

medicine wheel


Welcome to the Journey Through the Medicine Wheel Astrology...

Thank you to ALL OUR RELATIONS ~ Blessings & Love *



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