Journey with Cancer


I love the information here about Cancer and the gifts this sign offers. It represents the position in the Medicine Wheel of the 4th house as well. We can integrate the two in a very powerful imagery!


“The water signs, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio are all feminine/yin (with Scorpio being the power sign-fixed of the three). Cancer is the personal water sign; Pisces the more universal, compassionate water sign. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the breasts, the stomach, the home, family; her cry is ‘I feel’. Cancer can feel into another person, know how it feels to be them, and so can be highly empathetic and even psychic. Cancer rules the 4th house in the zodiac, the one that sits at the bottom of the chart, and along with home and family, it rules our roots, our tribe and our ancestors. Our home is the seat of our private life, and the Moon ruler says this is where our security needs are met. Cancer is receptive, fertile, empathetic, nurturing and protective, as well as patient and supportive. Like summer, the season Cancer initiates, her direction is the South – the outer feminine that creates a basket, a home where love and connection can abide and life can be seeded, nurtured and carried forward to insure the generations.” Excerpt from Patricia Lilies


Flicker, a beautiful woodpecker, is unconditional love and protection. Using their “feeling/knowing” senses, they warn when danger is present.

Frog Clan (Water Signs)ribits” for the rain to come, signaling we too must speak up for what we want!

The Plant is the Wild Rose, which treats colds and flu and settles the stomach. Rose oil is used as a perfume.

Their Stone, Carnelian Agate, heals the heart, keeps the emotions strong and helps to diminish anger.

Clever and very aware of surroundings.

Clever and very aware of surroundings.

Shawnodese, Spirit Keeper of the South, the Coyote, is the trickster, playing practical jokes, making sure we’re not taking things too personallyThey are family oriented and are quite affectionate!


Gift: Inspiring others to keep “pecking away” until they get what they want and don’t settle for less!

Challenge: Healthy boundaries, being able to say “no” without guilt and letting go of unrealistic expectations.

“I Feel” … Mother Earth and what She needs to be healed.

Flicker make excellent parents!

Flicker make excellent parents!

The workbook that shares so much information is fantastic! You must get Sun Bear, Wabun Wind and Crysalis Mulligan’s book: “Dancing With The Wheel”  It is incredible to journey with such passion and clarity about this sacred path.

Thank you for this opportunity and blessings to you all. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (Gratitude To ALL my relations). *Star*

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