Journey with Taurus


Welcome to my BLOG. I’ve decided to make this a little more personal rather than just another “article” to read. It feels like a more authentic path and this information is so special.  Thank you for your time and support, Sun Bear continues to inspire many of us, lets keep the dream alive! *

The last couple of nights I couldn’t sleep ~ so much on my mind about this GROUP forum and what it is. I started making Dream catchers for a meditation and remembered a few things.

I had the “vision” in the late 1980’s about the 12 signs of the zodiac while we camped right next to the McKenzie River in Oregon. We just finished going to Cougar Hot Springs … gorgeous old growth forest that you had to hike into and when we returned we built a nice fire to warm ourselves. Soon after the fire was blazing, I was circling it and “seeing” each of the characters in full regalia, with feathers and colors matching the energies of each! It was so exciting and vivid then, I can still see it now ~ I was left with a “dream” of what was to come and my purpose.

Not long after that is when I read “The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology” by Sun Bear & Wabun. I could hardly believe what I was reading, it was like “seeing” my vision in each of these signs!

Since I was an astrologer, I could also “see” how they each related and shared many of the same traits. My path was to combine and integrate Western Astrology with these MWA teachings … I AM doing my best to share that now. I would like to share the “Journey Through the Zodiac and Medicine Wheel” and see where it goes!

Beaver people are the manifestors, thinking ahead, providing their family with comforts and protection. They are hard working and tenacious.
*Taurus people have a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. They are determined to achieve their goals and love the comforts of a beautiful home!

Wabun, Spirit Keeper of the East, the Golden Eagle, gives the gift of courage, vision and fearlessness.
*Taurus people have tremendous power when using it as a protective quality, they don’t back down easily.

Turtle Clan (Earth Signs) are happiest when helping others and digging their roots into Mother Earth.
*Taurus people are practical and dependable, helping and assisting others, is where they shine.

Their Plant is Blue Camas. Natives used the bulbs as a food and natural sweetener said to controls blood sugar.

Their Stone is Chrysocolla, known for enhancing strength, stability, courage and prosperity.
*Taurus people usually love this aqua blue color, it soothes the nervous system with a calming effect.

Challenge: Overcoming stubbornness and a tendency to accumulate too many comforts.

Gift: Determination, teaching integrity, fortitude and the value of decency, by example.

“I Have” … the ability to provide whatever is needed.

Sounds like Taurus to me!  Love  *

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