Capricorn – Journey Through Medicine Wheel Astrology


HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! This year we will include a more in-depth look at the Medicine Wheel Astrology journey …


Lately I’ve been re- reading *“Dancing with the Wheel” by Sun Bear & Wabun and I realized there’s so much to know and learn … and remember! I would suggest getting your own copy and DANCE with each sign as we enter it! So let’s start with the position on the wheel that we are in now ~The Spirit Keeper of the North is Waboose.

“The Spirit path of the North is the gift of healing our physical being and our way of relating to the world. This is the healing that allows us to let go of disease and accept health.”

The mineral associated with Waboose is Alabaster “it teaches sensitivity, strength, pureness of spirit, discrimination, high ideals, gentleness, courage and loving convictions.” “In gentleness there is great strength”

The color associated with Waboose is white, the season is winter and represents a time when we have the elders white hair and welcome new borns coming back into the world. This is a time when things seem to be “sleeping” yet there is tremendous growth from within. This is a time of “grounding” and Capricorn is an Earth sign!

There are 3 Spirit Mineral Paths in each quadrant of the wheel, this is the first one. In the North, we start with Snow goose and the mineral is sodalite. This stone is named for its sodium/salt content and is used for cleansing and strength. “Sodalite is a strong ally that can help keep the spirit clean and the heart true”.

The Northern Spirit Path Plant is Echinacea and is renowned as a blood purifier and cleanser for infections. It helps to strengthen the immune system and fight off colds and flu.

In the astrological Medicine Wheel the animal Guide for Capricorn corresponds to the Sun sign for this month~ Snow Goose


Snow Goose people love routine and order. They let troubles just roll off their back and keep cool under pressure. They are extremely protective of family and will fight any opponent when provoked.

Waboose, Spirit Keeper of the North, the White Buffalo, represents ancient wisdom and loves tradition.

Turtle Clan (Earth Signs) are happiest when helping others and digging their roots into Mother Earth.

The Birch Tree is their Plant. Tea of the leaves and bark helps rheumatism and joint stiffness.

Their Stone is Quartz Crystal, which amplifies, clarifies and magnifies truth and emotional wisdom.

Challenge: Learning to delegate, becoming flexible, embracing spontaneity.

Gift: Providing wisdom and support for the “family” and teaching work ethics, tradition and generosity.

“I Utilize” … all that is practical and build upon it.

Snow Goose as its Totem ~ they fly in a V formation, and rely on others to help keep the balance of energies going, staying determined to reach the goal of sustainability without fear or worry.


They work together as a team, and loyalty is a must, they usually mate for life, returning to the same “nesting spot” year after year. They are always “working” on something that will be rewarding, often stern business like and change is difficult for most.

*Update: Astrologically Pluto represents the transformer ~ helping with re-birthing into something new and the release of “crystallized patterns” that no longer serve. It is in the sign Capricorn for many more years and it is most challenging!! Since Capricorn rules the bones, skeleton, knees and teeth (in Western astrology) this year is the time to make sure these areas are checked!

Our very foundation is going through a CHANGE, the old must “die” before the new can enter. This is a time for families (extended or otherwise) to unite and share their information in a grounded Earth manner. Survival and resources is the main focus … what would you do? Be prepared for the unexpected and release the need to control everything! This is a team/family experience and all must work together during these uncertain times.


Earth signs are from the Turtle Clan, and has the ability to stay grounded ~ Your principle lessons: These are derived from your efforts to arrange and conserve, for their purpose is to teach you self-reliance and self-sufficiency in order to establish your own identity. turtle-earth

Join me next time to journey with Aquarius