2017 New Moon & Full Moon Cycles

New for 2017! I’m offering this special reading that looks at the New Moon & Full Moon Cycles and the interacting energy in your personal astrology chart.

moon phases

With your birth chart you can see what degree and sign each Moon occupies. If you do not have your chart it is included in this special reading! This is an excellent way to learn astrology by seeing your own chart and get a better understanding of what it means to you.

You receive a copy of your birth chart (DOB/place/time required) and a list of every month’s Moon sign and how it relates to the individual birth chart. 

This also includes a personal message from me about what to expect each month and what HOUSE is activated!

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* 2017 SPECIAL Moon Cycles  – Only $33 ~ 

This is sent via email ~ we will schedule an approximate delivery of information on a first come basis.

Example: 1st House (rising sign) is 3 degrees Aquarius. This New Moon (1/25) brings opportunities for self improvement and expression that is unique and often nonconforming to group choices but determined to do things your way. Excellent time for starting “new” improvements relating to personality, appearance and attitude. Make a wish list of things you want to do and ways to create and manifest it … this IS a powerful New MoonOtter is a playful animal Guide, family oriented, very inventive and creative! Butterfly Clan makes this a good time to communicate your personal goals and dreams. Silver improves intuition and Quaking Aspen is representing the “frequencies” that are unseen but are always present … uniting everything it surrounds! Spirit Keeper is Waboose (White Buffalo) sharing wisdom and protection.

2017 Moon Cycles

1/25/17 New Moon 8 degrees Aquarius


MWA Aquarius







Here’s a list of the Moon Cycles for 2017 ~

2/10/17 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 22 degrees Leo

2/26/17 New Moon Solar Eclipse 8 degrees Pisces

3/12/17 Full Moon 22 degrees Virgo

3/27/17 New Moon 7 degrees Aries

4/10/17 Full Moon 21 degrees Libra

4/26/17 New Moon 6 degrees Taurus

5/10/17 Full Moon 20 degrees Scorpio

5/25/17 New Moon 4 degrees Gemini

6/9/17 Full Moon 18 degrees Sag.

6/23/17 New Moon 2 degrees Cancer

7/8/17 Full Moon 17 degrees Capricorn

7/23/17  New Moon 0 degrees Leo

8/7/17  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Aquarius

8/21/17 New Moon Solar Eclipse 28 degrees Leo

9/6/17 Full Moon 13 degrees Pisces

9/19/17 New Moon 27 degrees Virgo

10/5/17 Full Moon 12 degrees Aries

10/19/17 New Moon 26 degrees Libra

11/3/17 Full Moon 11 degrees Taurus

11/18/17 New Moon 26 degrees Scorpio

12/3/17 Full Moon 11 degrees Gemini

12/17/17 New Moon 26 degrees Sagittarius