MWA Posters

These beautiful high resolution images by collage artist Star Savoy Alexander ~


This MWA poster is available as a poster only 8″x8″ ~ $12.95 (plus s/h)


NOW  available for purchase ~ 8×10 High Definition laminated posters.

The images are representations of the Totem, Clan, Plant and Mineral Kingdom of each of the 12 signs of the zodiac as represented in ~ “Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology” by Sun Bear and Wabun.

The background is from the Mineral Kingdom of each card. 

Available by Priority Mail: 1 Poster – $12.95 plus s/h (Be sure to indicate your choice on the ORDER FORM Page)

Buy 3 or more and they are only $10 each ( 3-posters ~ $30 plus s/h) 

Please indicate # of Posters

Buy all 12 for only $96 plus s/h ($8.00 ea)

NOTE: After payment is completed you will be directed to the Orderform Page where you may indicate your choice of poster. Contact us for a quote if you would like larger custom poster prints:

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