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marliseIn honor of Sun Bear & Wabun we would ask that you please visit Marlise Wabun Wind’s website to order all the their wonderful line of books!

“Dancing With The Wheel” is an excellent expanded version of “The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology”.. you will love it!

We are so grateful for her permission to share this information when creating  “Journey Through Medicine Wheel Astrology” by Star Savoy. Please enjoy.

NOTE: Marlise has just revamped her website and now has a new BLOG that is wonderful! Please take the time to visit and don’t forget to sign up for her NEWSLETTER!:



Wind Daughter & Sun Bear

The Bear Tribe Medicine Society Sun Bear, of Ojibwa descent, was the founder and Medicine Chief of The Bear Tribe Medicine Society. As little more than a child, he began having visions that led him to become a medicine teacher. He studied with uncles who were medicine teachers, and other non-Native teachers. He believed that indigenous people the world over had much to offer to each other and to all who came with a good heart. Sometimes political, and always controversial, Sun Bear led The Bear Tribe Medicine Society until his death in 1992. Wabun Wind worked as Medicine Chief until 1996, when other responsibilities called her away. The responsibility of Medicine Chief passed to Wind Daughter at that time…and 2010 will mark the 14th anniversary of her tenu. In late 2006, after receiving guidance through prayer, reflection, and consultation,

Wind Daughter decided to give name to her own vision, while continuing to carry The Bear Tribe’s teachings and the bundle into a new era. Thus, The Bear Tribe has become The Panther Lodge Medicine SocietyNote FREE 2015 Calendar and 2015 Newsletter



Brooke Medicine Eagle

During our “courtship” days we spent in Crested Butte, CO we loved camping, exploring nature and each other. We listened to the most wonderful music and felt the energies of our “vision quest” come through Brooke Medicine Eagle and her songs to Great Spirit.  Songs like “Mother I feel you under my feet” and “Walk in Beauty” she has a sample of on her new website.

Please visit her site and explore for yourself, the magical path she leads us on!



The music for the Medicine Wheel Astrology video is performed by this wonderful artist and soul sister! Please visit her site: 

Her Newsletters are fantastic!

To read your latest issue of Denean’s Newsletter, Tao Mitakuwe Oyas’in Vol. 53 (December 2014-January 2015 Issue) click here:

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