Journey with Pisces


The Spirit Keeper of the North is Waboose. “The Spirit path of the North is the gift of healing our physical being and our way of relating to the world. This is the healing that allows us to let go of disease and accept health.”


There are 3 Spirit Mineral Paths in each quadrant of the wheel. First is Capricorn, which is Sodalite. Second is Peridot, used for Aquarius; “brings the qualities of freshness, rebirth, beauty, lightness, balance, tranquility and fearlessness. ~ Peridot is best used by people who have gone through a cleansing or who have clarity.” Working with sodalite first is suggested, “for without cleansing, a renewal is unlikely. The third stone for Pisces, is the Herkimer Crystal; for “kindness, gentleness, clarity and wisdom”.

This completes the quadrant for the NORTH …

Dec. 22 – Jan. 19 (Snow Goose) Earth Renewal Moon ~ Cleansing (Outer North)

Jan. 20 – Feb. 18 (Otter) Rest & Cleansing Moon ~ Renewal (Middle North)

Feb. 19 – Mar. 20 (Cougar) Big Winds Moon  ~ Purity (Inner North)


In the astrological Medicine Wheel the Animal Guide for Pisces corresponds to the Sun sign for this month~ Cougar


Cougar people are patient and watchful. The females are the hunters and aggressors, while the males need coaxing and reassurance. They love lying in the sun.

Waboose, Spirit Keeper of the North, the White Buffalo, represents ancient wisdom and loves tradition.

Frog Clan (Water Signs)ribits” for the rain to come, signaling we too must speak up for what we want!  

Their Plant is the Plantain. Its tea is used to relieve lung problems and to neutralize poison and stomach acids.

Their Stone is Turquoise. It has been shown to be helpful for protection, self-confidence and to communicate visions and dreams.

Challenge: Overcoming complacency, letting go of their fantasy world and learning to participate with others.

Gift: Listening to one’s inner “knowing” and trusting one’s intuition. Resolving duality.

pisces-back-GC“I Believe” … everything is happening for us, not to us.

Their compliment is Virgo … Brown Bear. The reflection/mirror of “what is  life’s purpose?” and “how are you being of service?” Opposites of complacency (doing nothing) and finding ways to be healthy in body, mind and Spirit. Using their discernment while at the same time seeking balance is the opportunity.

Astro Update: 2016 is an excellent year to continue new health regimes, as Jupiter (a 12 year cycle) is in Virgo until July 2016. It assists  in seeing all the obstacles that keeps us from fulfilling our highest potential and also the possibilities to achieve that potential or dream. Bear is coming out of hibernation, we’ve been doing our clearing and when Spring arrives we can be ready!

Neptune & Chiron have been transiting together for some time now, both in Pisces, the dreamer, seer, healer and visionary.  This can be a time of confusion or incredible insight, as Jupiter is a helper and in Virgo will show us the details … we just need to be open and trust in the Divine Spirit. That’s the big jump … “We can do it now, or do it later. That is the choice.”*

As an astrologer I find it helpful to see what “house” these energies are in so they may be seen close up and personal! We have to acknowledge “it” to clear “it” ~ sometimes a mirror helps.



Water signs are from the Frog Clan, they feel emotions very deeply and are often quite psychic and intuitive! They often “take on” others feelings through empathy and may get overwhelmed or “damned up”. Water helps them to release!


Frog is especially connected to the Grandmother Moon and loves being close to water, which can be reflective as well as cleansing and refreshing. Full Moons are especially powerful times to get a picture of your dreams and visions … will they stay illusions, or become part of your reality?

To go deeper into the “dream” you must get Sun Bear, Wabun Wind and Crysalis Mulligan’s book: “Dancing With The Wheel”  It is incredible to journey with such passion and clarity about this sacred path.

Thank you for this opportunity and blessings to you all. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (Gratitude To ALL my relations). *Star*

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