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Happy Spring Everyone! March 20th (this year) we celebrated the Spring Equinox and the days become lighter and longer as the teachings are now about new beginnings! Starting in astrology with the sign Aries, we see the childlike nature excited about life, baby animals, flowers and trees blooming and all the new experiences awaiting! In MWA it’s the same, Wabun flies into our consciousness and we believe in the magic of all life …  thank you to ALL OUR RELATIONS. AHO!

With Wabun Spirit Keeper of the East, we are bringing forth the “dreams” that were seeded and are bursting forth after the darkness of Winter, into the light of day.

If you’ll notice in the last cycle of Waboose (White Buffalo) we focused on “The Spirit path of the North is the gift of healing our physical being and our way of relating to the world. This is the healing that allows us to let go of disease and accept health.”  Now we begin a new teaching as well. “The Spirit path of the East is the gift of healing our mental being, focusing on clarity, wisdom and illumination.” 

There are 3 Spirit Mineral Paths in each quadrant of the wheel and now we moved into the East. The first is ARIES the mineral is mica, the stone for clarity. We use the clarity stone mica when we want to communicate better, be clear with our visions or find ways to live simply. Next month we’ll discuss the 2nd stone which is jade and then the 3rd which is calcite.



In the MWA, the Animal Guide for Aries corresponds to the Sun sign for this month~ Red Hawk


Red Hawk People are adventurous, determined and proud. Their keen eyesight teaches them to be aware, alerting them and others to dangers and opportunities.

Wabun, the Spirit Keeper of the East, the Golden Eagle,  gives the gift of courage, vision and fearlessness.

Thunderbird Clan (Fire Signs) represents the ego and the “creative fire within” which manifests goals.

Dandelion is their Plant; the bold yellow/gold color expresses active, energetic lifestyles and detoxifies.

Opal is their Stone, which stimulates creativity to get things started and the fire energy to finish them.

Challenge: Focus on sharing with others, and “centering the Self” rather than being self-centered.

Gift: A childlike nature, lots of laughter and innocence that protects them from harm. They love to have fun.

 “I Am” … ready for the adventure. Let the games begin!


Their compliment (opposite sign) is Libra … Raven. Reflections of opposites are often the best teachers, Ravens are the communicators and prefer socializing. Red Hawk prefers to be alone rather than “flock”, always seeking a new challenge or adventure! The gift is to see each other in a balanced way, without judgement, as unique and beautiful individuals ~ honoring ALL as equals in the medicine wheel.

Astro Update: The planet Mercury is in Aries until April 6-7th and it could be a time to LISTEN more instead of  pushing your own agenda. With Aries Sun until 4/19 we’ll be looking for diplomatic solutions to a “warrior” energy and learning to channel this energy into more productive Universal participation. We had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 3/23/16 in Libra and this carries through it’s teachings of “we” are the people striving for peace. May WE focus more on a balanced resolution for ALL of life on our Earth Mother and stay on the good red road!

To have a better understanding of these energies, you must get Sun Bear, Wabun Wind and Crysalis Mulligan’s book: “Dancing With The Wheel”  It is incredible to journey with such passion and clarity about this sacred path.

Thank you for this opportunity and blessings to you all. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (Gratitude To ALL my relations). *Star*

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