Journey with Aquarius




The Spirit Keeper of the North is Waboose.

“The Spirit path of the North is the gift of healing our physical being and our way of relating to the world. This is the healing that allows us to let go of disease and accept health.”

There are 3 Spirit Mineral Paths in each quadrant of the wheel, this is the second one in the North (1st is Capricorn). Peridot ~ “brings the qualities of freshness, rebirth, beauty, lightness, balance, tranquility and fearlessness. Peridot is best used by people who have gone through a cleansing or who have clarity.” Working with Sodalite first is suggested, “for without cleansing, a renewal is unlikely”. ” This stone is named for its sodium/salt content and is used for cleansing and strength. “Sodalite is a strong ally that can help keep the spirit clean and the heart true”.”


The story of White Buffalo Calf woman relates to the “giveaway” (she gave the sacred pipe) and talks about when buffalo gave everything to the people: meat, hide, bones and spirit. The sick always know which plants to eat for healing and the buffalo always faces a storm rather than retreat.

Here’s a wonderful story teller, Red Feather Woman sharing the myth:

“The power of Waboose is acceptance of life, acceptance of death and acceptance of the necessity of sharing all that has been given to you.” Waboose, Spirit Keeper of the North the White Buffalo, represents ancient wisdom and loves tradition.

In the astrological Medicine Wheel the animal Guide for Aquarius corresponds to the Sun sign for this month  ~Otter



Otter people are creative, cheerful and playful. They love sharing their resources and their goodness with a group and they are very generous.


Butterfly Clan (Air Signs) are always in thinking mode but prefer to be light hearted rather than be too serious.

Their Plant is the Quaking Aspen Tree; a tea of the bark clears toxins and promotes healing of ulcers and burns.

Their Mineral is Silver which offers sensitivity, enhanced intuitive abilities and helps one to “see” truth.

Challenge: Their Cool detachment and urge for freedom may cause misunderstandings.

Gift: They have genuine concern for family, community, and celebrating everyone’s success.

“I Know” … there is only Oneness.  We are One Family.



“Like the Otter, these folks are playful and community minded. They are helpful, humanitarian, practical and patient. They must learn to turn more of their dreams into reality, and to be more adaptable.”

Enjoy the playfulness and participation of the extended family with  OTTER;  they are all unique and share that truth!  Their opposite/compliment sign is Leo –  Sturgeon and they love to be the center of attention, sometimes too scattered but always memorable!


*Astro Update: Until around the 12th-15th of March 2016,  there is a “lucky” energy available with the planet Venus in Aquarius. Excellent time to “reach for the stars” and go for your dreams. There may be family reunions with like minded heart tribe members sharing a similar focus and intention.




Air signs are from the Butterfly Clan …

they love to share and communicate as they flow through the air! Transformation, as from caterpillar to butterfly represents the change they seek and the freedom they desire.

“Growth, evolution, beauty, regeneration, change, fearlessness and joy” are the lessons learned during this cycle or by the people born of the Butterfly Clan.


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