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astro-chart-DesignByKatThis information is a basic learning tool that can help to integrate both Astrology and Medicine Wheel Astrology. Everything is in a WHEEL … the circle of life, continuing to move as we travel the 12-HOUSES that make up the 360 degrees of the circle. Each HOUSE, SIGN and PLANET has significance as to how they EXPRESS thier unique energy. My intention was to keep it as simple as possible, yet as deep as possible too. You decide.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in metaphysics and the esoteric sciences; the idea that there is a lot more to life than meets the eye. I think that is what sparked my interest in symbology and the study of ancient religions. The work of Joseph Campbell and “The Power of Myth” opened my heart and mind to wanting to know more! I spent hours at libraries and bookstores reading about other cultures, religions and belief systems. I fell in love with Astrology; it just seemed to make so much sense to me. I feel that many people in general have misunderstood Astrology, and I appreciate your taking the time to check out what I have to share on this subject. After more than 25 years of study, there is still a great deal to discover and it continues to amaze me with wonder and inspiration. Again, it is my intent to simplify this to a basic beginners level in order to get the foundation in place, so that your journey can continue on deeper levels to explore and expand further. So it is said, “It is the journey … not the destination”, one that can be filled with awe and amazement, as you will see.

Most everyone at some time or another has read his or her horoscope in the local newspaper. I was the Astrologer for a local publication in Las Vegas for almost two years. It was extremely challenging to come up with a general “Sun Sign” interpretation each month! There is so much more to Astrology than just our Sun Sign! Knowing where all the planets were at the time of your birth gives a much better representation of the subtle energies that an individual is here to learn and evolve with. Where the Moon was when you were born gives us the clue to your emotional body and Venus gives the information about your appreciation for beauty and so on! We each have all of these signs and planets in our chart, and we each experience them in unique ways.

We hope that this Journey through the Zodiac provides you with more insight into the incredible order that exists in our Universe. By having your own Natal chart and an Astrological Calendar, you can get to know these Archetypes in a much more personal way, and in so doing, you get to know yourself even better! When we KNOW that we have a choice as to how we will respond, there can be no more victims. We become empowered. In the immortal words of John Randolf Price (from Superbeings):

“We are Spiritual Beings, having a Human experience

We have many opportunities to know what it is like to be creative, inquisitive and feel every range of emotions. The cycles continue to come around again and again until we “get it”.  Astrology provides information concerning what we came here to learn about; family, relationships, money, challenges, and our life’s purpose.”

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  • Journey through the Planets – A guideline to the energies at work according to myth and Zodiac signs. Interpretations of the meaning of each. 
  • Journey through the Houses – Getting to know the Natal chart & 12 Houses.
  • Journey through the Zodiac – The symbolic signs and interpretive meanings.
  • Aspects in the Chart; oppositions, conjunctions, and how they relate to you.
  • All for only $9.99!

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