4/21/2016 Scorpio Full Moon


As I’m receiving this message today, the Full Moon (4/21/16 at 5:17 PM PDT) is in the opposite sign of Taurus … Scorpio. Full Moons represent our emotional nature, what may be hidden that can be revealed in the light and a time of release. Once a year each Moon is experienced in each sign … hello Scorpio, Animal Guide is Snake and we dance the dance of surrender!

Scorpio is SNAKE Medicine and is symbolic of  death, rebirth, transformation and freedom. It’s not easy to set the ego aside and ask that the MENTAL/MIND get out of the way and ALLOW Spirit to reveal the messages ~ that takes surrender! Snake people can be intimidating with their POWER displays; tail rattle, hissing or just coil up and saying “stay away, I could hurt you, just want to be left alone!” They are also excellent hunters and have tremendous patience and a keen instinctual sense of motion. Thistle is their medicine plant, which can be very healing once you get past the thorns! Frog Clan “ribits” for the rain to come and shower its cleansing energy for ALL OUR RELATIONS to experience, quenching our thirst with the waters of life. Very powerful medicine for sure!

What I’ve learned astrologically (observation) about the evolving Scorpio is; 1st there’s the scorpion “sting” that puts up boundaries, has the power to kill or destroy and trusts few. They often FEAR their power and what can happen, so they keep to themselves. Evolving this energy then moves to SNAKE that has it’s own medicine ~ it transmutes poison and toxic energies so it becomes immune to the negativity of others, then releases it back to Nature by shedding its skin. To “shed” they MUST surrender and ALLOW the process … resistance is futile!  A NEW Being is born through this symbolic death and it then becomes the Eagle! goldeneagle-flightEagle represents true freedom … free from fear, doubt and a need to control others. FREE to BE whoever they feel to be without needing to “hide” anything! Ah, so beautiful to soar to great heights! FYI: Eagle is the only living creature that can fly directly into the Sun looking at it, they have a second lense for protection. Then they would  return with messages from the Great Spirit to share with the Medicine Chiefs and their tribes.

So, yesterday we took the day to clear the land around our place, cut some trees down that were crowding others and opened the space up to a new area for gardens or whatever. Then we burned all the slash and had a wonderful “release” celebration and gratitude ceremony as we “Moon bathed” receiving the light of this beautiful Full Moon. These energies continue for the next few days, so get out and bask in the moonlight!

AHO Mitakuye Oyasin (Thank you to ALL OUR RELATIONS)

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