Medicine Wheel Astrology as interpreted by Star Savoy.  She takes one on a magical journey where they can align with the “power” of their personal birthday! Through Native American teachings and modern astrology we gain a deeper and more sacred understanding of HOW the signs and symbols relate, empower and assist us on this Earth path. Each birthday has it’s own path and place on the sacred wheel … a path that can set us free when we can receive the gifts offered and shared!

It usually starts with a desire to want to understand yourself better or loved ones, family and friends. WHAT makes them who and how they are. Sun sign Astrology is one modality that a lot of people follow but is often vague and general.This why we recommend a Natal Birth Chart to get a deeper look into all the energies going on, not just the Sun sign.

What if you knew what sign the planets were in WHEN you were born? Example: a Gemini Sun sign may have their Moon in Cancer, Venus in Leo, Mars In Cancer, on so on. Gemini’s Animal Totem is Deer (sweet gentle nature or scattered), their Venus is in Leo, Animal Totem is Sturgeon (strong, wise or egotistical), Mars in Cancer, Animal Totem is Flicker (loving or possessive) …  and so on. That’s why getting a professional astrology chart is important, it is your own personal “map”, no two alike!

If we can recognize a behavior that is inherent in ourselves or others, the personalities that are expressed, it may help to understand why WE (they) are the way WE (they) are! Knowledge has been said to be power, but we feel it must be integrated with wisdom as well. The teachings of the Ancient Ones are here for us to experience from a Higher perspective, that is our intention, to travel through the Astrological Wheel, getting to know each of the 12 signs more intimately. When we can take time to see through a lens of compassion, forgiveness and love, there can only be a knowing … WE ARE ONE.

Hope you enjoy this “Journey Through Medicine Wheel Astrology”, it’s so fun to observe the “characters” on the wheel and witness amazing NATURE all around us and the life we share it with!

The biggest message we think is being felt, is that the TIME IS NOW, Mother Earth needs us to LOVE her back. So Be It!  Thank you, AHO Mitakuye’ Oyasin (To All our Relations), with deep love and gratitude … Star Savoy




“Hello Star, I watched the video when I first returned home and loved it. The music, graphics, & messages are all beautiful. It is good to watch & learn instead of reading it all from a book. I think you’ve done a fabulous job!” ~ Jennifer


“Dear Star, I have received the Medicine Wheel Cards and absolutely love them.  I feel the love in them.  I want to arrange them in the medicine wheel circle on my wall in my office.  And thanks so much for the Reference Guide..   I now have 2 and will make good use of both of them.  Thanks so much.  I pray all is wonderfully well for you and all around you. Blessings in Beauty and Balance. ~  Arlene”


“Aloha Star,
Thanks for getting back to me and for your creative teaching suggestions.  I guess I didn’t compute the information “clearly” stated in your website since I had another thing in mind.  No problem…I appreciate all the good energy and creativity you have put into this offering and I will readjust my thinking with an attitude of gratitude in utilizing your cards and chart.  They a very beautiful and I know the medicine and intention they carry will be a powerful tool in working with Sun Bear’s vision.
Thanks for responding so promptly to my inquiry…….Suchi “


“I did enjoy the greeting cards and realize now I should have taken a moment to let you know they arrived in timely manner, after all they didn’t come from “big business”. I appreciate all the effort that went into creating these beautiful cards as well as everything else you do. Blessings.” ~ Myrna

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Thank you! 

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