Medicine Wheel Astrology

At a very early age, I felt a strong connection to “Mother Earth” and Native American memorabilia. I was a warrioress from the beginning (Moon in Aries-Red Hawk) and had a need for adventure and FUN! At the same time I also had been fascinated with the stars and my relation to them, so I started learning about astrology. During the course of my lifetime, I have studied many of the world’s major religions and continue to study, learn and teach about my findings. Especially of note here, I later found out about my own Cherokee heritage and when I started reading and researching the Native American ways I woke up. Lynn V. Andrews was my first with “Medicine Woman”, later it would be the works of Sun Bear and Wabun Wind. I am humbled and honored to share this information and hold the intention to represent this material in a way that is honorable and respectful. To find out more about my philosophy and work, I hope you’ll spend some time here and share this sacred energy with others and please take the time to read Sun Bear & Wabun’s work. Life is my teacher and I am so grateful for the protection of Great Spirit and my Guides. The Medicine Wheel Astrology shares WHO our Guides are and I felt so empowered when connecting this information. Hope you enjoy this “Journey Through Medicine Wheel Astrology”.

The time is NOW, Mother Earth needs us to LOVE her back. So Be It!  Thank you, AHO Mitakuye’ Oyasin (To All our Relations), with deep love and gratitude … Star Savoy


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